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Be found by learners

Roundtrip is a free and officially recognised iOS app that lets learner drivers record supervised driving practice in New South Wales, Australia.

It currently has over 15,600 registered users and has had over 550,000 trips logged since release. 46,000 of those trips were logged in the last 30 days.

If you are a business you can start advertising to learners and their supervisors in your postcodes with a full page ad and banner.

Up to 5 postcodes for $25/month.


Local and easy

It’s easy to advertise in Roundtrip.

Just choose where you’d like to advertise and for how long you’d like your ad to run.

Submit your details and we’ll help you create a great looking ad and get it up and running asap.


Here’s how it looks

You provide us with an image, title, description and a URL, phone or email address that you want learners to follow and we do the rest. We’ll take your content and present it in a great looking full-page ad that is shown every time a learner logs a new trip.

We’ll show you in a banner ad too, just in case a learner wants to find you without having to log a new trip.


More Information

Each advertisement should be highly relevant and appropriate to Learner Drivers aged 16-24. Advertisements which are not relevant or not suitable for the demographic or age group will not be accepted.

  • Up to 5 postcodes for $25/month. Need to advertise in more than 5 postcodes? Easy. After the base rate it’s just $5/postcode unless you’re looking to advertise to a large number of postcodes - in which case get in touch and we’ll give you bulk postcode advertising rates.

  • Stats are from 30 March 2019 - 29 April 2019 with 46,204 trips added by 2,752 unique users in NSW.

  • Sponsored ads will be clearly marked as such and be listed on a separate view of the app.

  • Your sponsored interstitial ad will appear on rotation after a new trip has been added (this includes recording a trip or manually adding a trip).

  • Your sponsored banner ad will appear on rotation on the resources and settings view.

  • You get to provide an image and write the headline for the link and the short text which will go underneath it. We will review, proof-read and make suggestions on your sponsored advertisement image and copy for deliverability.

  • Visits to your sponsored link can be tracked through the use of Google "utm" parameters which will be automatically appended to your link.

  • The deadline for the sponsored link image and copy is a full 7 days before the advertisement is to run.

  • Payment must be made in full before the sponsored link is included in the app. Payment can be made by Stripe and Credit Card. GST will be applied where applicable.

  • Once payment has been received, send across your copy for inclusion in the app.

  • If there are any other ads in your postcode, your ad will be rotated randomly with any other ads in order to provide variety for learners.


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