Your Privacy

Roundtrip (App) is a third party app and has been developed by Eat More Pixels (Developer).

1. Privacy Statement

a. Developer is collecting personal information about you and your supervising driver and any facilitator, including information provided to the Developer when installing and registering the App and the Data that you, your supervising driver and any facilitator enter, log, download and generate by or through the systems associated with the App into the App. The Data will be retained by the Developer and used in accordance with the Terms of Use and this Privacy Statement.

b. The App allows you and your supervising driver to view the Data (including personal information of each other and the facilitator) that is entered into the App.

c. Developer will collect the personal information that you provide on an optional basis, including your suburb, gender and age. The Developer will use this information to deliver improved customer service, advertising and will anonymise and aggregate the information for research purposes to improve road safety outcomes.  

d. Developer will provide Roads and Maritime with Data (excluding the personal information that you provide on an optional basis) that may be used for the purposes of validating that you are an eligible learner driver, for validating the details of your supervising driver, to assess the logbook to verify the information recorded shows a minimum of 120 hours (20 hours at night) of completed on-road supervised driving experience, and for auditing purposes. The Data may be retained and used by Roads and Maritime for driver licensing, motor vehicle and road transport safety purposes. 

e. Roads and Maritime may disclose the Data provided to it by the Developer to law enforcement agencies, interstate driver licensing agencies, or any other NSW government agency for use by those entities for the same purposes as Roads and Maritime. Roads and Maritime and other NSW government agencies may share the Data with their service providers (including auditors and legal advisers) for the purposes referred to above.

f. You consent to Roads and Maritime validating your licence details and you warrant that you have obtained the consent of your supervising driver to Roads and Maritime validating their respective licence details, with a TRUE or FALSE response to the Developer to ensure the surname, driver licence number, expiry date and driver licence stock number entered into the App are correct and that the learner driver and/or supervising driver are eligible. 

g. Your personal information may be disclosed to the Developer’s third party provider, for the purposes of providing a cloud service and encrypting, saving and storing your personal information.

h. Developer may store Data in offshore hosted databases for the purposes of providing the App. The Data is currently stored at Google Firebase data centres which are offered globally around the world with no dependence on a specific location.

i. Providing your personal information and the provision of personal information of your supervising driver and any facilitator is voluntary but if you do not complete the required fields (excluding optional fields) you will not be able to use the App.

j. Prior to the commencement of a supervised driving session or a Safer Driver Course, you must show your supervising driver and any facilitator respectively, this Privacy Statement and the Terms of Use and obtain the consent of your supervising driver and any facilitator to the provision of their personal information to the Developer and for their personal information to be used in accordance with the Terms of Use and disclosed as specified in this Privacy Statement. 

k. Other than as described in this Privacy Statement the Developer will not disclose your personal information without your consent unless authorised by law.

l. You can make a privacy complaint by contacting the Developer as set out below. The Developer will respond to that complaint within seven (7) days of receipt and will take all reasonable steps to make a decision as to the complaint within thirty (30) days of receipt of the complaint. In the event you are not satisfied with the resolution provided, you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner at The Developer is also required to notify Roads and Maritime of any privacy complaint.

m. Your personal information will be held by the Developer and you can contact the Developer on the Roundtrip app website to access or correct it.

n. The Data (excluding personal information) is owned by the Developer.