Terms & Conditions of use for Roundtrip Ads

  1. The client is engaging Eat More Pixels to deliver an advertisement in two places in the Roundtrip App for 30 days:

    1. A full page ad that appears immediately after a Learner Driver has finished recording a trip or adding a trip manually with a button that the Roundtrip App Users can optionally tap to be taken to a URL provided by The Client

    2. A banner ad in the resources view which Roundtrip App Users can optionally tap to be taken to a URL provided by The Client

  2. The Client’s advertisement should be highly relevant and appropriate to Learner Drivers aged 16-24. Ad text, images and click-through website must be appropriate for a general audience of all ages.

  3. Advertisements which are not relevant or not suitable for the demographic or age group will not be accepted. Eat More Pixels reserve the right to refuse an advertisement for any reason.

  4. The Client’s full-page ad will appear after a learner driver completes a trip and the banner ad will appear in the first row of the resources view.

  5. The full-page and banner advertisement will run for 30 days at the same time as the banner ad on a date and in locations decided upon by both parties.

  6. Full-page ads will be clearly marked as an ad and be listed on a separate view of the app. Banner ads will be marked as sponsored content.

  7. The Client will provide an image, logo, click-through web address, and write the headline for both ads and the short text which will go underneath the full-page ad.

  8. Eat More Pixels will review, proof-read and make suggestions on the sponsored advertisement image and copy for deliverability.

  9. Eat More Pixels may edit ad content for technical, layout, or style-conformance purposes, such as resizing images or performing minor copy edits if necessary. Any edits will be communicated to The Client before the advertisement is run.

  10. The deadline for the sponsored link image and copy is a full 7 days before the advertisement is to run.

  11. Eat More Pixels reserves the right to reject an ad for any reason, such as (but not limited to) billing issues, quality concerns, or content.

  12. Eat More Pixels don’t offer refunds or returns unless we refuse an advertisement.

  13. The Client must, within a reasonable time frame, provide EMP with all instructions and information that are necessary for or material to the Services or the Project.

  14. The Client warrants that it holds all necessary licences, authorities and consents and warrants that provision of the Services in accordance with the Client’s instructions will not breach the law or the rights of any person.

  15. Eat More Pixel’s obligation to provide the Services ceases after the 30 days.

  16. The Client indemnifies Eat More Pixels against all liabilities, expenses, losses (whether direct,

    indirect or consequential and including any loss of profits, loss of reputation, loss of opportunity), damages, workers compensation, and costs (including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis) that Eat More Pixels may sustain or incur, including any claim by a third party (including specifically any clients, customers or users of the Client) against EMP if:

    1. it arises as a direct, indirect or consequential result of the Advertisement; and

    2. it is not directly related to EMP’s provision of the Services.

  17. EMP’s total liability to the Client under this Agreement is limited to resupplying the Services or refunding the Service Fee.

  18. EMP has no liability to the Client or another other third party for any direct, indirect or consequential loss (including any loss of profits, loss of reputation or goodwill, loss of data, loss of opportunity or any loss of reputation) or for the payment of any liquidated sums or damages under any other agreement.